6 Extraordinary Places Using Solar Energy

We have compiled 6 vehicles and locations that use solar energy for you. We wish you pleasant reading.

1- Solar Powered Trash Cans

Bigbelly Solar Inc., of Newton, Mass., sells solar litter and recycling compactors powered by solar cells. There are about 30,000 bins in cities like New York, Chicago, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Trash bins use cellular data to communicate with the company’s servers and provide an alert when they need to be emptied. This saves money by eliminating unnecessary trips to collect the trash.

2- Solar Bike Path

The bike path called SolaRoad in the Netherlands is 70 meters long. Standard solar cells are sandwiched between small sized precast concrete slabs and a layer of tempered glass less than 2cm thick. Since the solar bike path opened in the fall, it has produced more than 700 kilowatts of solar energy, in line with expectations. The goal is to eventually generate enough electricity to power two to three households per year.

3- Solar Powered Aircraft

Solar Impulse is the name of the long-range, solar-powered experimental aircraft project, and is also the name of the two aircraft manufactured under the project. The first leg of Solar Impulse 2’s journey took place on March 9, after taking off from Abu Dhabi, and landing in Muscat, the capital of Oman, as a result of a 13-hour solar flight. The 441 km flight was realized at an average speed of 33.88 km/h and the highest altitude was reached at 6,383 m.

4- Solar Boat

MS Turanor PlanetSolar is the largest solar boat available at 35 meters long. The boat relies on a lithium-ion battery and solar panels for energy. According to its website, it can navigate in the dark for 72 hours on a full charge. Built in Germany in 2008 for around €12 million, the boat is owned by German entrepreneur and solar energy advocate Immo Stroeher.

5- Sun Tent

This solar tent is just a small example of how the US military is trying to harness the power of the sun. The Department of Defense aims to generate or supply at least 25% of its energy from renewable sources at its facilities by 2025. For example, a tent with flexible solar panels powers batteries, computers and other equipment, meaning soldiers don’t need to carry generators and large amounts of fuel.

6- Solar Parking Lot

The solar car park is advantageous for those who will park their vehicles. Drivers prefer solar parking for shade or shelter from bad weather. The manufacturer obtains the power that can be used in charging stations for electric cars at the company. However, the production costs are high, and the profit return to the companies is expected to improve over time for further development.

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