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Solar Energy

The future is clean and renewable dependent on energy sources

Our priority is to meet the needs of future generations with sustainable energy and to meet the needs of today without using fossil fuels, consuming resources, harming the environment and using clean energy.

We deliver the solar energy systems, which are the trend of the age, to the people in our country, we provide consultancy and installation services by determining the route of the investors. With a young and dynamic team, we continue to work on long-term and solid foundations.

Solar Energy With You!

We are at your service with our expert team for your SPP projects.​ ​

Your own energy

Solar energy can be used anywhere. Switch to solar energy systems with Eken Çağ Energy, you don't need to buy electricity from the electricity distribution company. Generate your own Energy.

Portable energy solutions

It's time to choose the energy of the future! Prefer solar energy with Eken Çağ Energy and have your energy with you wherever you go.

Solutions for your home, business, land

Let the sun not only illuminate you, but also meet your energy.

A more livable and bright future is possible with renewable energy sources.


Have you seen our domestic and national solar energy products produced by our company?

Let’s determine the most suitable Solar Energy Solutions for your needs now.

Meet the energy needs of your business or home from the sun.

Invest in endless energy source, be profitable.

Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy systems have low maintenance costs. Solar panels have a long life and have product and performance warranties of up to 25 years. Panels maintain their efficiency by cleaning only a few times a year. In addition, since there are no moving parts in the solar panels, there is no wear and tear. Therefore, you save for many years with low maintenance costs.

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