Eken Çağ Energy was established in 2017 to increase the use of clean energy in our country by making energy efficiency solutions with solar power plants, panels, generator industrial design.​

It takes its place in the sector with domestic and national projects in Turkey and the world, by performing turnkey SPP projects in industrial facilities, continuing its services as an energy engineering company, and also by establishing solution partnerships with international brands. In 2021, it achieved significant success by installing up-to-date solar energy storage, off-grid and on-grid systems with all its automation and contracting experiences. In a very short time, it continues to develop itself in 5 main operational units as energy efficiency, solar, consultancy, R&D and production, with expert engineers and technical team, updating itself, keeping up with technology, innovative approaches and artificial intelligence-based products. 

As Eken Çağ Energy, we install solar energy systems on the roofs of factories and houses and meet people’s energy needs from clean and renewable energy. Likewise, it is among the projects that we do construction and panel assembly in the field.

Our priority is to meet the needs of future generations with sustainable energy and to meet the needs of today without using fossil fuels, consuming resources, harming the environment and using clean energy.

We deliver the solar energy systems, which are the trend of the age, to the people in our country, we provide consultancy and installation services by determining the route of the investors. With a young and dynamic team, we continue to work on long-term and solid foundations.

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